Yanick Herzog

Exploring sounds and giving films his distinctive, musical fingerprint is what makes him a frequent collaborator of visual artists. His fascination for electronic soundscapes and the warmth of acoustic sounds push him to explore the boundaries of their sonic possibilities.
Recent works of his include Aiyana de Vree’s dystopian feminist drama «Alleine kommst du nicht weit genug», Basil Burger’s coming of age drama «Herr Karlsen» and the experimental shortfilm «The Black Cat» where he served both as a producer and composer of the film.

Currently he is enrolled in the film music program at Zurich University of the Arts and has been working as a freelance composer over the past year.

Exploring sounds and giving films a distinctive, musical fingerprint has fascinated Yanick ever since he discovered Jonny Greenwood's phenomenal film score for "There will be blood". As a film composer, he is convinced that exceptional film music is always connected to the dramaturgical core of a film. The goal of achieving a symbiosis of visual storytelling, immersive music, and convincing composition is a thought that excites him and makes him want to explore further.

As a composer, he comes from the electronic music world, but has also worked with several orchestras and ensembles as a composer/arranger. His latest work on the film ECHTE SCHWEIZER premiered at 59th Solothurn Filmfestival where the project was awarded the Prix du Public.

He is part of an award-winning band JODOQ, where we create experimental pop-music and a member of the hyperpop band SOCIAL JETLAG where he performs as synthesist and samplist. 

Recently he assisted swiss filmcomposer Balz Bachmann on projects such as JAKOBS ROSS (directed by Katalin Godrös, produced by Turnus Films), DER SPATZ IM KAMIN (directed by Ramon Zürcher & Silvan Zürcher, produced by Zürcher Film GmbH) or LAS TORERAS (directed by Jackie Brutsche, produced by Recycled TV & RECK Filmproduktion) as an additional music composer and arranger.

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